cris + sleeping on set

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"

After Degrassi’s Spelling Bee

Funniest part about Eclare

is all I’m seeing is people saying

"eli and clare are gonna be nothing on the show without eclare"


That was the problem with this show/the writers/what they turned Degrassi into.

It’ all about relationships.. even their personal things and problems ended up being about their relationships.

Both their character developments went backwards every time they put eclare back together

Munro should be on to bigger and better things since Eli graduated and clare should be still be at degrassi and dealing with shit that doesn’t have to do with a relationship

they made eclare the main basis of the show which is sad

They’ve lost so many good characters and kept eclare all this time.. which is ridiculously upsetting.. 

KC had no reason to go…. they could of taken away some clare drama and given him storylines

I feel like they’ve made imogen just a puppet who goes to unavailable men

what happening with imogens home life??? why has she barely gotten anything?

the list goes on and on with why this show has disappointed me